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Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a software that will allow you to efficiently and intuitively manage your business management, whether for an independent professional or for a large company.
Using a CRM, any type of business will manage its commercial activity in an orderly and planned way, significantly increasing the success of its commercial policy in an easy way and being able to centralize and organize the tasks of both small commercial groups and a really complex commercial organization.


What does the CRM software offered by include? offers the EspoCRM software that includes the following modules:

• Accounts
• Contacts
• Prospects
• Oportunities
• Tickets
• Emails
• Calendars
• Meetings
• Calls
• Tasks
• Commercial campaigns
• Knowledge Base

… and all this in a global and centralized environment so that information flows between all those who are part of the commercial management of a company.
As a user, your company or business will have a unique and private environment where you can define and manage all your policies and commercial actions individually.

Today, using a CRM is vital for any business or enterprise.

Use of CRM

To use EspoCRM you only need to access from any web browser with the username / password provided by
The use of CRM is really intuitive with a very simple and fast learning process. In any case, there is complete documentation in case you need it.

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